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Feed the scalp vital nutrients and arouse your follicles for regrowth.

Stimulate your scalp and combat hair loss with restorative healing agents. Our doctor recommended scalp treatment, in combination with proven Minoxidil, can stimulate hair regrowth while decreasing flakes, increasing volume, and restoring radiance.


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Product Description

Want your scalp to feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and less dry? Need to reverse the effects of thinning and balding? Then the Scalp Stimulator Duo System is the ideal daily hair care system for you. Designed to thoroughly cleanse the scalp, stimulate regrowth, and produce radiant hair, the Scalp Stimulator frees your hair and scalp from debris and DHT buildup while infusing it with vital nutrients that help revitalize hair from root to tip.

The Scalp Stimulator is specially formulated with high quality ingredients that work to condition and stimulate the scalp for growth while minimizing dryness and flakes. Ideal for both men and women of all hair types, the Scalp Stimulator combines the anti-DHT properties of Ketoconazole, Saw palmetto and caffeine with proven nourishing ingredients Vitamins B3 and B6, horsetail, hops, L-Pathenol, zinc oxide and linolenic acid. The product is also fortified with essential hair oils including Emu oil, Jojoba Oil and glycerine to promote suppleness, shine and volume. The addition of FDA-proven, topical maximum-strength 5% Minoxidil combats male-pattern baldness and thinning in women. Designed with precision, our fine-mist swivel applicator precisely targets areas of hair loss, while minimizing waste and mess.


Our products are always formulated free of harmful elements like SLS, strong fragrance and Parabens — ensuring that your hair is never stripped of necessary nutrients.

When you join Regrowth Club, you don’t have to worry about skimping on product usage. With a Duo System, you’ll receive a three-month supply of our premium products at a greatly reduced price. You’ll never run out because you’ll always have exactly what you need for the subscription period. Order today!

Massage a nickel to quarter sized amount of doctor-recommended DR Scalp Treatment into the scalp and hair strands. Leave in for 4-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Towel dry hair.

To apply Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray, remove the clear cap from the pump and the sprayer cap from the end of the sprayer arm, hold bottle upright and swivel the sprayer arm to a horizontal position. You’ll need to prime the sprayer first by pointing it away from you and pressing the pump 3-5 times. Do not inhale the mist. Once the sprayer is primed, aim the sprayer a few inches from the thinning area and apply 5 pumps. This will apply an even 1 ml dose. Replace both caps and swivel the sprayer arm to a vertical position. Apply twice daily for optimal results. Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray is a topical spray and should never be ingested.

How often should I use the products?
The benefit of a subscription plan is that you’ll never run out. You’ll always have exactly what you need and you get it at a reduced price! Our plans are designed for daily usage, but for dry to normal hair, you may prefer to use the doctor-recommended DR Scalp Treatment every other day. We always recommend daily usage if you have oily hair.
Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray is a topical spray and must be used twice daily to see optimal results.

When can I expect to see results?
You should begin to notice greater radiance, more suppleness and increased vibrance within weeks of usage. Maximum strength Minoxidil begins to work immediately. While you may notice thicker hair within weeks, more noticeable results of regrowth will be seen with continuous application over 3 to 4 months’ time.

When can I expect from the Scalp Treatment?
Within a few weeks of continuous usage, you should begin to notice greater radiance, increased volume, more suppleness and that your scalp is less dry and flaky. The scalp treatment is designed to open pores and increase circulation to allow penetration of the product into the root of your hair. As a result, you may experience a mild, refreshing tingling on the scalp when you apply the product. This is normal. The premium ingredients in our doctor recommended scalp treatment are proven to enhance healthy hair growth.

What is minoxidil?
Minoxidil is a hair loss and hair regrowth treatment that’s been FDA proven to treat male pattern hair loss and thinning in women. Minoxidil begins working immediately but can take several months to produce noticeable results.
Unlike drugs such as finasteride, which prevent hair loss by blocking DHT, direct application of Minoxidil creates a growth environment for existing hair follicles.

Will I experience shedding?
Possibly. But this is normal and you should not be concerned.
Hair generally grows in four stages. The first is the anagen phase in which hair grows. After this, it goes into the catagen and telogen phases, in which hair shrinks and detaches from the follicle to prepare for new growth. In the final exogen phase, hair falls from your scalp and is replaced by new hair.
Minoxidil, when applied to the scalp, is thought to accelerate the anagen phase causing hair follicles to enter the growth process prematurely. Some people experience hair shedding when they first start using Minoxidil. As hair follicles go through an the early growth process and enter into the anagen phase, old hairs may fall out in large numbers, making it seem as if you’re losing more hair than normal. Do not worry. You’ll notice regrowth and fuller volume within a few weeks.

Do I have to use Minoxidil continuously?
Yes. To maintain regrowth, the twice daily application of Minoxidil is required. If you stop using the Minoxidil spray, any gains will be lost and you will likely experience progressive hair loss.

Can all hair types use this duo pack?
Yes. However, it is designed for those with increased thinning and balding.

I heard shampooing daily is bad.
It depends. If you are using a shampoo that generates a lot of lather, it likely contains SLS, sulfates and Parabens, which can be quite damaging to hair. While those shampoos may smell fabulous and feel luxurious, they unfortunately strip your hair of necessary nutrients, vital ingredients and essential oils. Not so with our Regrowth products! Our shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments are formulated with high quality nourishing ingredients that restore hair and they are always free of SLS, Parabens and harsh or harmful chemicals.

Are these products safe for my color- or keratin-treated hair?
Yes! Our products are ideal for color- or keratin-treated hair because they do not contain harsh chemicals or damaging ingredients like SLS and Parabens. br>
What can I expect from the products?
You should begin to notice healthier hair, more suppleness, fewer flakes and increased shine within weeks of usage of the Scalp Treatment. Minoxidil will begin to work with the initial application. While you may notice thicker hair within weeks, more noticeable results of regrowth will be seen after continuous usage over 3 to 4 months’ time.

Will these products grow hair if I am bald?
The ingredients in Scalp Stimulator are formulated with premium ingredients that are proven to stimulate growth of healthy hair. Regrowth is addressed with maximum strength Minoxidil Spray, an FDA-proven ingredient that tackles male-pattern baldness and the root causes of thinning in women. Continued application of Minoxidil is required to maintain regrowth. If you have advanced thinning and balding, you’ll experience greater results from our comprehensive Regrow system, which is formulated with Biotin, essential vitamins and necessary minerals to stimulate growth from the inside out.

I like to experiment with color and styling and I’m seeing some damage.
If you color, keratin-treat, or style your hair with heat, then our products are ideal for you. Our products will not only help maintain your hair, but it will nourish damaged hair with high-quality restorative ingredients. Hair care professionals recommend our products for color treated and damaged hair because they are formulated with the best nutrients and are always free of harsh chemicals, SLS, and Parabens.

Why is more hair than usual falling out after initial usage?

Throughout the hair growth cycle, strands of hair fall out. This is normal. In the first week of usage however, you may notice more hair loss than normal (depending on the condition of your hair). These hair follicles — which were bound to fall — release early after they come into contact with the ingredients making room for new healthy hair growth to occur. If this continues beyond a week or two, you may have identified an underlying hair loss condition and you’ll want to consult a medical professional.

Why are your plans more expensive than other subscriptions plans?
Our products are formulated with the highest quality, non-generic ingredients and are always free of harmful chemicals. Our products are never tested on animals and they are formulated and manufactured in a state-of-the-art clean facility in the USA. While we try to be competitive with other hair care manufacturers, our commitment to using premium grade ingredients and supporting the local economy have generated higher costs.

Can I use hair styling products with this duo pack?

Can I blow dry or use a styling tool after using the hair regrowth spray?

Yes. We recommend allowing 10-15 minutes before applying heat to hair to allow the Minoxidil spray sufficient time to fully absorb into the scalp and follicles.

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