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regrowthclub comes in response to you.
Your said you wanted greater value.
You asked for convenience. We delivered.

The network was founded in mid-90s to help people suffering from hair loss. Founded by Scott Hoffman, The Regrowth Network was the first online reference and internet resource for hair loss. The social forum of The Regrowth Network was a precursor to social media as we know it today. The community dedicated itself to researching hair loss and helping each other manage hair loss with resources while maintaining healthy hair. This network of concerned men and women brought forth a glaring problem with hair loss — hair regrowth products were limited and large commercial suppliers rarely listened to the wishes of its consumers.

That’s when Salonceuticals was founded. Committed to developing products exclusively for thinning  issues and hair, Salonceuticals set out to create a line of products that addressed the wishes and concerns of hair loss sufferers. We listened to the thousands of members of The Regrowth Network community, researched the proven ingredients that contribute to healthy hair growth,  met with hair loss professionals so we could formulate products with renowned hair loss and transplant physicians and surgeons.


After discovering the dangers of harmful chemicals such as SLS and Parabens as well as learning that many shampoos, conditioners and styling solutions contain them, Salonceuticals committed itself to create a line of products that only contained nutrient-rich, effective ingredients while avoiding harsh chemicals. We also promise to never test our products on animals and to ensure that our hair care products are always of the finest quality. We only formulate our products with premium-grade, non-generic ingredients in a state-of-the-art American manufacturing facility.

Our flagship product — the world-class, doctor recommended DR Scalp Treatment — was formulated in partnership with hair loss pioneers in New York City, Dr Adam Lewenberg and Dr Oscar Klein.  The product received such renown praise over the past decade that we’ve had to expanded our product lines to our NT Nourishing Treatment, Enhanced Volumizing Conditioner, Supplement, and our innovative 5% Precision Spray — which features the first ever 360-degree swivel spray head that’s now been copied by other hair brands. Our products have been widely received and our growth has come purely from word of mouth by, hair loss doctors, hair care professionals, wholesalers and customers like you.

Our subscription plan— the regrowthclub — comes in response to you, our valued hair care enthusiasts! You told us that you wanted a more convenient way to purchase your products. You said you wanted greater value. You said you wanted your products shipped regularly so that you never ran out. That is why we launched the regrowthclub – a monthly or quarterly subscription service that provides affordable, convenience with more options to customize your hair care needs. Whether you want to a simple daily care solution or need a comprehensive hair regrowth system, we’ve got options to meet your every desire. 

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