How long will it take to start seeing results with Minoxidil?

minoxidil is FDA approved topical treatment

Minoxidil is the shining star on the mountain of hair loss treatment. Minoxidil brought back the hope of many people, who became frustrated and hopeless after failing again and again to overcome hair loss.

Before getting into Minoxidil lets have look at statistics.

Survey Says

According to general statistics, 44 million US citizens overcame pattern hair loss with the help of Minoxidil. Many studies went on to test the efficacy of Minoxidil in public. Two of the important studies were conducted in Europe.

Both of the studies showed the effectiveness of Minoxidil in the general public. According to the survey

  • 75 % of men managed to overcome hair thickness.
  • 55% of men managed to stimulate hair growth.

These surveys back the research done on the use of topical Minoxidil as the temporary cure of baldness.

Minoxidil Evolution

Minoxidil is a multifaceted medication and was initially used for the treatment of high blood pressure. As time passed, regular users of Minoxidil started growing hair all over the body.

The results of this wide spread hair growth made doctors consider conducting further research on Minoxidil. After the further studies, medical professionals decided to refer to Minoxidil as the most effective treatment for hair loss.

Over the last thirty to thirty-five years Minoxidil has been referred to as the number one hair regrowth medication. Originally, it was available in pill form and now it is in the form of a solution, spray, and foam.

Today, it is not used as oral medication because it grows hair on all over the body. Instead of oral medication, it is now used in topical medication.

Minoxidil Concentration

Most commonly used Minoxidil concentrations are as follow

  1. 2% concentration of Minoxidil
  2. 5% concentration of Minoxidil

As we discuss the concentration of the Minoxidil further, we will note that the 2% concentration of Minoxidil was used for women, as their skin is more sensitive as compared to men. Minoxidil 5% is generally prescribed to men.

Nowadays Minoxidil 5% is prescribed to both men and women but with different dosages. For women, 1 ML a day makes one dose and for men, 1 ML twice a day makes one dose.

While moving towards 5% from 2% is clearly showed that as the concentration is increased, the more effective it will be. Dermatologist also don’t suggest moving above 5% because it also increases the chance of negative side effects.

The Food and Drug Association of America has also started cracking down against companies which were supply Minoxidil above 5%.

Minoxidil Types

Today we have following three forms of Minoxidil

  1. Minoxidil Solution
  2. Minoxidil Foam
  3. Minoxidil Spray

Minoxidil solutions were approved by FDA in the 1980s, and was quite risky as compare to Minoxidil foam and Minoxidil Spray. The solution is used in extended care because when used it may drip down the face. This can cause hair to grow on the skin and is not bearable for women.

On the other hand foam and spray are easy to use. It doesn’t dribble down and does not cause any unnecessary hairs.

Topical Minoxidil plays a vital role in the hair regrowth process. It is also the only approved non-prescription medication by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. Before getting into how long Minoxidil results take, let’s take a look at how Minoxidil works in the human body.

Minoxidil Process

It is difficult to predict how Minoxidil will affect the human body. The process Minoxidil performs in hair regrowth is not confirmed, however, most medical professionals believe that Minoxidil stimilates the blood flow towards the scalp which helps with the production of new hair strands.

When hair roots are fertilized with blood, blood causes them to increase in the bulb of the hair follicle size. It also makes hair growth.

Topical Minoxidil helps to maintain existing hairs also. It makes thin hairs to become thicker, small hairs to grow large.

The main function of the topical Minoxidil is to restart the growth of hairs. It is believed that sooner the treatment starts, more effective it will be. As time passes alongside with baldness, complete baldness is expected within 8 to 10 years.

How Long Minoxidil Takes

When Minoxidil is applied for the first time, an initial hair shedding process is expected. Most of the hair will initially fall but do not worry, this process will not last.

Minoxidil takes a few months to reactivate the compromised hair follicle. When the blood is supplied in the roots of the hair follicle, the hair follicle will increase in size, improving the likelihood of new growth.

Minoxidil makes the hair follicle healthier before growing new hair.  When the hair follicles becomes healthier, they start making new hair.

After 3-6 months of proper and consistent use, Minoxidil shows its effectiveness. After 6 months, new hair can be noticed. Up to ½ inch hair can clearly be observed.

If no results are seen or felt, we suggest visiting a medical professional to determine a more specific method of treatment.

Do not use more than the instructed dose for earlier or faster results. It may cause serious side effects.

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